Geopark Araripe

Geopark Araripe

The Araripe Geopark is located in the southern portion of the state of Ceará, in the region called Cariri, known for the green in the middle of the semi-arid state. There are nine paleontological and geological sites classified according to the history of the earth and scientific prevalence, these sites are called Geossites.

With the objective of further encouraging tourism in the region, we offer guided tours with historical / cultural itineraries and ecotourism by the geosites and municipalities that are part of the Araripe Geopark (Barbalha, Crato, Juazeiro do Norte, Missão Velha, Nova Olinda and Santana do Cariri). We also offer a script for the municipality of Exu-PE, which allows a trip to the roots and work of Luiz Gonzaga, the King of Baião.

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Além dos passeios guiados, temos também um mini museu – pequeno centro de exposição – onde os visitantes e hóspedes podem conhecer um pouco sobre cada parte que compõe o Geopark Araripe.

A visita é guiada por um dos guias associados, a riqueza de informações que eles transmitem é de fundamental importância para que se possa conhecer valiosos detalhes da história do Cariri.


For those who enjoy outdoor activities, the Araripe National Forest tour can also be done by bicycle!

In addition to getting to know the biggest singletrack in Brazil (a path where you can only walk in a row), cyclists can enjoy birdwatching, such as the Solari do Araripe, which is only found in the region, and contemplate the Cariri Valley, for through its viewpoints.

There are two paths along winding paths protected from the sunlight. Belmonte, with 17 km of course, is a very full and shaded trail, with its main attractions being the Serrano and Coruja viewpoints, ideal for beginners to mountain biking. The trail of Picoto, with 25 km of preserved forest, is a labyrinth that requires the accompaniment of an experienced guide. The trail takes its name because one of its main attractions is the lookout where the Cruz do Picoto is located, a cruise that was built more than 80 years ago by local residents.

The Trails of the Chapada do Araripe are carried out by a specialized company called Trilhar, in partnership with our hotel.
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